Project Environment

As a responsible development company we have a high concentration on environmental issues which are sensitive to the needs and projected causes to safety, health and maintenance. Every project we entail, we procure

IEE Report - Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) in accordance with

  • Pakistan Environment Protection Act
  • Various guide line developed by Pakistan Environmental Agency
  • World bank guide lines

NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the EP Department

Moreover, we have prepared the following standards for environmental impact, which may occur as a result of the operations:

  • Go Green with Eden. We focus on horticulture and facilitate our project’s communities to live in a peaceful environment.
  • Sweeping and cleaning the construction area to prevent dust from construction as well as placing various tools and equipment procured.
  • Spraying water, the areas which may spread the dust; such as, the area where the ground surface is dug opened or drilled.
  • Inspecting engines and machineries for the construction areas in order to prevent the releasing of soot, dust and cleaning vehicles, specifically, the areas underneath the body and the wheels when they have to be moved from the construction areas.
  • The Company will provide construction signs for the purpose of versatility and safety of the traffic regarding to traffic management.
  • Check and maintenance of the public traffic routes in the originally good or better condition as well as strictly complying with the Transport Rules.
  • Prescribing a speed limitation of trucks operated in the construction areas not to exceed 40 kilometers per hour.
  • Using engines or machineries that have regular maintenances to prevent excessive noise.
Eden Lifestyle Homes at Lake City

Eden Lifestyle Homes at Lake City

Started: December 2006

Venture between Credibility, professional excellence & innovation of EDEN BUILDERS combines with an avant-grade infrasture of LAKE CITY HOLDINGS
A project of constructed houses of