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Eden, a new beginning
As an organization, in the business of providing you a dream home, we relish our role as an integral part of your desires. We understand that trusted housing partnerships are built with consistent commitment over a lifetime.

Eden has been at the forefront of housing development projects within Pakistan. Our organization has evolved over 30 years into a trusted household name which strives to serve customers. We are proud to be associated with over 20 individual quality projects encompassing over 3000 housing units. We encourage transparency during the development process to our customers and partners through on-site visits and dedicated customer services.

Our aim is to build fair deals for our customers with a proven track record of one window operations. We care to be a part of your family through fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning your home without any hassle.

Our vision is to Serve the nation, for this, the company continues to move forward and become the leading Engineering & construction firm.

We believe

  • That honesty and integrity shall be instilled in every job
  • In working hard for our customers to ensure the reasonable prices and best quality work from our tradesmen
  • That we collaborate with the best subcontractors to bring your project on-time, under budget and the best quality workmanship
  • Our employees are our best asset, working hard every day to complete each job with quality workmanship, attention to detail and pride

Our goal is to provide the highest possible level of professional Construction services for our customers in an atmosphere of mutual support, teamwork and uncompromising ethical standards. Eden Builders is for those of you who are seeking the personal attention that can only be provided by a contractor who builds a limited number of unique homes each year

We enjoy the privilege of providing quality service while using the latest in technologies for our customers. We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve their construction objectives within budget on time and in a professional manner.

We love what we do and take pride in how we do it.

At Eden Builders (Pvt) Ltd. We strive to establish a corporate mandate in order to strengthen our core values that truly reflect the company’s philosophy. Our rich history of more than 3 decades have taught us valuable lessons and our morale towards key elements in best working environment have become the foundation stone of what is today a fortress of formidable performance.

Human Resource: Right man for the right job; we recognize the value of our people and continuously strive to develop human resources. We recruit knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals while providing opportunities of training and self-development . Our interest lies in skills, its development and lust for knowledge with honest trade.
Realism in Commitment: Our firm commitment is to deliver quality projects and services that has resulted in the company’s acceptance as one of the leading engineering and construction firms in the region. Our well-defined understanding of customer specifications and their requirement for a timely delivery, has served as the principal foundation for our acceptance as an industry leader.

Trust & Integrity: The mere fact that we have been delivering promised tasks and projects to our satisfied customers for the past three decades has earned us their trust and cemented our integrity in the serious business of real estate development. Our customers continuous signing of new projects is the very proof that we’ve been keeping our word and delivering beyond expectations. This gives us the limelight to continuously succeed as we take our dearest value into the next three decades with trust of our loyal customer base.

Adaptability & Flexibility: Change is inevitable and customers like to move with time. It is human psychology and such are the dynamics of the society we live in. Moving with time takes an open minded approach to business with a strong check on optimism. We have adopted to growing needs and provided our customers with customized projects boiling down to individual concerns. This pillar is the integral part to return customers who adapt with time and intend to grow with us as we adapt to their needs.

Continuous Learning: Our internal motives are to inculcate the latest engineering, construction, building and architectural techniques into our process and improve on the whole. No compromise is bigger than the need to learn and teach of what new techniques could improve process, for quicker and quality work. We are looking forward into the 21st century for a brighter stronger tomorrow.

Our Culture
Experience and dedication drives Eden to strive as a performance oriented well-oiled machine, constantly tuned by its relentless approach to improve processes, ultimately benefitting our valued customers and employees. Eden is an organization having a rich history of providing a culture conducive to growth. We reward well performing employees through promotions where entry level individuals can grow to become head of departments.

With our customers Eden provides the utmost level of transparency throughout the building process, ensuring no conflict of ownership. Project completion is not only ensured but also guaranteed to be of high standard.

Eden maintains a history of clean record keeping and tax submissions transparent to our government throughout our years in business. Each project is meticulously tracked from procurement till handing over to the home owners, all taxes and relevant fees are paid in accordance with the local rules and regulations.

Eden Lifestyle Homes at Lake City

Eden Lifestyle Homes at Lake City

Started: December 2006

Venture between Credibility, professional excellence & innovation of EDEN BUILDERS combines with an avant-grade infrasture of LAKE CITY HOLDINGS
A project of constructed houses of